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AssetTagz™ is a proven and effective asset management solution serving construction, heavy industry and emergency services.

Installed on a mobile device, our proprietary software identifies assets in the field through the use of RFID tags and barcodes. Central aggregation and management occurs through a secure cloud database and is available to various business units and users within the organization.

Launched in 2005, AssetTagz sees continual refinement as the industry changes, recognizing more stringent H&S regulations, greater traceability and visibility in auditing and more robust accounting requirements. AssetTagz is the Smart Asset Management Solution.

We manage over half a million assets worldwide, from tower cranes in London and mining works in Saudi Arabia, to oil and gas components in South Africa. We are a global company with exemplary client retention as we build lasting relationships with our clients. Once implemented, AssetTagz becomes an integral part of the business.



“2010 Plant Services Best in Practice in Management Award as part of an integrated solution for UK construction services.”


AssetTagz Ltd.

AssetTagz was developed by a team of professionals from the banking, process, security and insurance industries, each with 20+ years of experience in their disciplines. Specifically designed for issues facing construction projects across multiple industry sectors, AssetTagz excels in delivering results to a wide spectrum of businesses from small, emerging companies, medium sized businesses showing rapid growth to large, multi-tiered organizations with complex processes and a proliferation of assets.

Complementing best in class implementation is the AssetTagz training program, tailored for each business unit and delivering to key performance indicators.

AssetTagz Ltd. strives to create a more efficient and safe workplace through the use of technology on construction projects and in construction with our partners and organizations:

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